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Creation Art Lessons


Time: 12noon to 2:45pm

Creation Art Lessons  at the Festival Drayton Centre

Inspiring 10 week courses - covering drawing, watercolours and acrylics.

Have you spent years longing to be able to paint but had no idea where to start? Perhaps you put your canvas aside because life was so busy, or maybe you are desperate to take your art to the next level! The beautiful thing about art is that It's Never Too Late! Today is the day where you get back on the path, now is the time to blow the dust off your paintbrushes. 

Our intention is to always establish art groups where people matter, where you will develop and grow skills you've always longed to have! Let's start this journey together. 

About Creation Art......

Mike Hatch has been called Shropshire's very own Rembrandt! He owns the Vision Gallery in Shrewsbury and has an extraordinary talent and encouraging teaching style. Lynn Bush, a naturally talented artist, will support and guide you throughout your journey - responsible for the management and day to day life of Creation Art.


Lynn Bush
Telephone: 01952 253065 / 07508 057936
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