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Tuesday 3rd April   Thursday 5th April  

Starring: Eddie Redmayne, Tom Hiddleston & Timothy Spall
Approx. running time (inc. adverts): 100 minutes

EARLY MAN at the Festival Drayton Centre

As the Bronze Age arrives and the Stone Age is over, a determined caveman and his faithful sidekick must fight for his home and the rights of his people


Dug the caveman lives a simple but relatively harmonious life with his sidekick Hognob and fellow towns people, at a time when woolly mammoths and other prehistoric creatures roamed the earth. Spending much of their time hunting and chopping fire wood it's an existence they are accustomed to and not something they'd like to change.

But, when the Bronze Age is ushered in and the Stone Age is suddenly over, Dug and friends must face up to the fact that their lives may never be the same again. To make matters worse, the mighty Lord Nooth from the Bronze Age City wants to destroy Dug's village and plans are quickly made to have it turned into rubble.

Never one to quit, Dug sets off with Hognob in tow to take down Nooth and his Bronze Army.


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Ticket Prices
Adult £6.00
Child (under 12) £5.00
Friends £5.50
Event Details
Tuesday 3rd April   2:30pm
Thursday 5th April   11:00am 
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