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Tuesday 24th July   Thursday 26th July  

Starring: Emily Blunt, James McAvoy & Johnny Depp
Approx. running time (inc. adverts): 100 minutes

SHERLOCK GNOMES at the Festival Drayton Centre

Gnomeo and Juliet have to call in the help of a world-famous detective when their garden friends mysteriously disappear.


This was supposed to be happily ever after! Gnomeo and Juliet have been moved to a brand-new garden together now that their families' feuds are over. Sure, it's a little rough around the edges, but they're excited to turn the garden into a forever home and settle down together, along with their garden friends.

But when they discover that their companions have disappeared without a trace, the two are at a loss as to what to do. There are no clues as to the other gnomes' whereabouts, leaving them with only one option: hiring detective extraordinaire, Sherlock Gnomes.

A brilliant detective with an incredible eye for detail, Sherlock's social skills don't quite match up to his astounding intelligence... Gnomeo and Juliet must put aside their surprise at Sherlock's odd attitude, and team up with the detective on an adventure of a lifetime, far away from the safety and tranquillity of their garden.


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Ticket Prices
Adult £6.00
Child (under 12) £5.00
Friends £5.50
Event Details
Tuesday 24th July   2:30pm
Thursday 26th July   11:00am 
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