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Monday 30th July    

Starring: Chris 'Ludacris' Bridges, Will Arnett & Stanley Tucci
Approx. running time (inc. adverts): 100 minutes

SHOW DOGS at the Festival Drayton Centre

A tough police dog must embrace his inner diva when he and his human partner go on an undercover mission at a prestigious dog show, in this hilarious family comedy.


Max the Rottweiler is the not the sort of canine you'll find at the grooming salon. A police dog who works for the NYPD, he's rough, tough, and always willing to get his paws dirty.When he's selected to help out with a high-profile undercover mission, Max can't stop his tail from wagging – until he finds out he must enter the world's most exclusive dog show as part of the assignment!

A baby panda has been stolen, and it's suspected that the Canini Invitational Dog Show is being used as a front for animal smuggling. Max and his new human handler Frank travel to Las Vegas and compete in the show, allowing them to investigate the case without arising suspicion.

From mud baths to ballet lessons, Max begrudgingly throws himself into the celebrity lifestyle. With help from Philippe the chihuahua and Mattie the dog trainer, he begins to set aside his macho mentality and transform into a pretty convincing show dog. But it's not just an external transformation that Max needs – if he and Frank are going to save the panda and catch the criminals, this tough dog cop must abandon his lone-wolf mentality and learn how to work as a team.


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Adult £6.00
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Monday 30th July   11:00am
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