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Friday 27th April    

Starring: Alicia Vikander & Walton Goggins
Approx. running time (inc. adverts): To be confirmed

TOMB RAIDER at the Festival Drayton Centre

Lara Croft is determined to finish the archaeological work her father started, in order to clear his memory. But things soon take a dangerous turn...


Lara Croft may be the heiress to her late father's global empire, but she's not one to rely upon others. Determined to find her own path, she juggles her college course with manoeuvring the streets of hip East London as a bike courier, barely scraping her rent.

Throughout it all, she refuses to believe that her father is truly gone. Her suspicions appear to be justified when she discovers a recording he made for her before his death, urging her to prevent a group called Trinity from putting the planet in jeopardy.

Dropping everything, she heads off to the choppy waters of Japan to track down the Mother of Death tomb, which was her father's last known destination. If getting this far has been perilous, the next chapter of her mission will be seemingly impossible, even for a girl who has adventure running through her blood.

15 years after Angelina Jolie portrayed the iconic video game character, Alicia Vikander steps into Lara's well-trodden boots.


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Adult £6.00
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Friday 27th April   7:30pm
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