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Thursday 15th June runs until Sat 17th June

Time: 7:30pm

OUTSIDE EDGE - MD AMDRAMS at the Festival Drayton Centre

Outside Edge - a perfect summer's evening comedy. Love or hate cricket it doesn't matter because it's all about the characters: Roger desperately tries to  assemble a team to play against British Railways Yeading East.

Bob dodges his ex and his wife Ginnie, who's busy soaking up the sun and the Valium. Alex and his 'hysterical' nymphet girlfriend, Sharon. Dennis the ageing Casanova. Maggie 'mothers' her devoted hubby Kevin. And last but by no means least, Roger's wife Miriam, the long-suffering champion cricket  tea-maker ... that is, until she uncovers his little 'secret'...

Just when it seems things can't get any worse for them,  it starts to rain!



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Event Details
Thursday 15th June runs until Sat 17th June
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