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The Festival Drayton Centre is a community owned building that has evolved as a direct result of the time, dedication and commitment of many volunteers. The benefits of being a volunteer at the Centre are quite simply life enriching.

Whether you wish to make new friends, learn new skills or just be part of our successful and professional establishment, the Festival Drayton Centre will fulfil your needs.



Volunteering Opportunities


There are numerous ways to get involved at the Centre.

Our licensed coffee shop opens its doors to the public six days a week so there is always a need for additional support in this department. 


The Centre also holds frequent live events and cinema shows. You can help by selling tickets through our volunteer manned box office, assisting our bar stewards, becoming part of our smiley front of house team or by joining our highly skilled sound, light and projection team. Experience is not always necessary, just a willingness to adopt the high levels of customer service expected. In addition to these areas the Centre has a need for individuals with an interest in anything from Health and Safety to Marketing or Building Maintenance to Graphic Design! More informaton on each of the roles is given below.

Coffee shop volunteer/kitchen volunteer/chef/sous chef

The role: We are always looking for new volunteers to help in our coffee shop and to help behind the scenes in the kitchen. There are a range of roles including preparing the food, taking orders, carrying out, operating the dishwasher and generally helping clear up at the end of a busy day.

What are we looking for? We are looking for volunteers who are outgoing and able to communicate with customers, as well as individuals who are happy to undertake the essential 'behind the scenes' work of washing dishes and cleaning tables etc. The coffee shop is open Monday to Saturday and a shift is typically 9.30am - 2.30pm.

Practical Considerations: We don't require any particular qualifications and training is provided with the opportunity to shadow more experienced volunteers. If any volunteer becomes involved in food preparation a qualification in Food Hygiene will be organised. Working within a confined kitchen space in proximity to hot surfaces etc. volunteers should be fully mobile and have manual dexterity.

Receptionist/Box Office Volunteer
The role: This is a key role within the Festival Drayton Centre. You will be the first point of contact for visitors coming into the Centre or calling by phone. Plus you will help customers who want to book tickets for one of our live events, films or satellite screenings using our box office system.

What are we looking for? We are looking for volunteers who are confident, friendly and outgoing and who willing to familiarise themselves with our online booking system. The box office team work Monday - Saturday and shifts are available both during the day and in the evenings.

Practical Considerations: Although there are no particular qualifications required volunteers need to be confident with learning a new IT application to enable them to use our box office system. Training and the opportunity to shadow another volunteer is provided.

Front of House Usher

The role: If you are interested film and live theatre we have a great opportunity for you to help with our varied events programme. We have a 200 seater auditorium and need friendly and reliable volunteers to help with a range of duties including showing customers to their seats and selling ice creams if there is an interval. The role provides the added benefit for two volunteers to sit in to see the film or show using our designated usher seats.

What are we looking for? We are looking for friendly individuals who enjoy meeting people and are confident in managing situations as they arise. Front of house shifts are usually in the evening although we do also have matinee screenings.

Practical Considerations: We do not require any particular qualifications for this role. However individuals do need to be confident they are able to deal with customer queries, and any situations that arise such as a customer requiring help in the event of illness or in the event of needing to evacuate the building.

Lighting and sound technician

The role: We are looking for volunteers who have an aptitude and interest in sound and lighting. In order to deliver our film and live events programme we have a technical team who manage the sound desk, install and operate the lighting and project the films and satellite screenings.

What are we looking for? We are looking for committed individuals who would love to get involved in the technical side of our activities and are keen to support the programme of live events held at our community arts centre. We have a 200 seater Auditorium, HD and 5:1 Dolby Digital surround sound and our events programme runs throughout the year.

Practical Considerations: A qualification is not required, rather a keen interest and willingness to learn how to use our equipment. Experience would be useful and you may already be working in the field but equally we are able to train anyone with an aptitude to acquire the necessary skills. Most of our events are held in the evenings but we do also schedule matinee performances.

If you would like to get involved and find out more about any of the above opportunities please do not hesitate to contact us. For further information, please email:, or download our Volunteer (pdf) application form using the button below.

Volunteer Application Form


Our volunteers say ...


Our volunteers are our stars. It is their dedication and passion that has enabled the Centre to grow into a successful multi-purpose entertainment centre for all! Hear what they have to say about their involvement in the Centre ...

Box Office volunteer

If you have ever thought "I would like to do something different" away from the usual daily routine – college, work or retirement, or find yourself sitting in front of the TV and feel you are fit and able to help and meet people, then volunteering at the Festival Drayton Centre (FDC) is definitely for you. There is a variety of roles and areas of work to get involved in and a range of times to suit the individual.

As an individual who works full time (at Palethorpes) in today's computer world, emails are replacing the need to actually see or speak to people. I also work as a volunteer at FDC for a couple of hours per week, dealing with people face-to-face and supporting our local entertainment centre – it's a social event and it's on the doorstep.

There's a good variety of events that cater for all ages and interests. A lot of time and effort is given by many volunteers who are proud to be a part of FDC and help it continue to be successful – without us Market Drayton would have another empty building. I have heard many artists/world-class musicians, who have appeared in front of large audiences, and have played at the Centre say "Market Drayton has something special and should be proud of what the volunteers have achieved" and they return to Market Drayton – a sign of a good venue.


Coffee shop volunteer

I had first heard of the Festival Drayton Centre from my daughter. I wanted a way to make some new friends as I only moved to Market Drayton five years ago. That's how long I have been volunteering here for. I'm serving in the coffee shop, and that has helped to make a lot of friends. In fact, the people I see every day, as customers or colleagues, is the most enjoyable thing.

If anyone would ask me for my opinion if they should start volunteering work at the Festival Drayton Centre, I would say that they should try it. It might not be for everyone, but you should definitely try it. The Festival Drayton Centre makes you feel welcome and is a great facility for the town. It is a great place!

Coffee shop volunteer

I have been volunteering here three months now and I really enjoy it. I heard people talking about it and gave it a try. The reason why I started volunteering here was because I have been really bored at home. Now I am helping in the kitchen with the dishwasher and tidying up. The work and the company brought some change into my life.

If there were some people asking me if they should start volunteering work, I would say 'Go ahead!' This place is fantastic! People come to visit; I really enjoy my time here.

Coffee shop volunteer

I have been quite bored at home so I decided to volunteer at the Festival Drayton Centre five months ago when a friend of mine told me about it. I'm helping in the coffee shop and socialise with visitors. I truly enjoy the company!

'Do it!' That's what I would say about volunteering at the Festival Drayton Centre.

Coffee shop volunteer

Because of some heart problems I had to stop working in my former job, but I needed to fill my time and meet people so I started to volunteer at the Festival Drayton Centre six years ago as I had heard some people talking about it. I mainly work at the coffee shop and am helping with the washing up.Volunteering here gives you a feeling of contributing; it also makes me feel good.

The Festival Drayton Centre is an amazing place, the pride of Market Drayton. So you should definitely go for it, it is great fun!

John & Sue
Front of House volunteers

We GIVE our skills, talents and efforts to people usually in our community. Without the giving there would be no Festival Drayton Centre in Market Drayton.

As volunteers we do receive: the pleasure of giving, the recognition of the community, and the appreciation of individuals with each smile or thank you.

As a volunteer we join a community of like minded people where those of us who are gregarious widen their circle of friends, and the lonely make a friend. A new volunteer is always welcome; your skills, talents and efforts will always be appreciated. We are not competing we are cooperating




The Festival Drayton Centre reserves the right to make changes, alterations and cancellations to any event, at any time.