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Thursday The 3rd Thursday of every month (except August and December)

Time: 2.00pm - 3:30pm

U3A at the Festival Drayton Centre

Offering Learning, Leisure And Social Activities to Those who have retired

What is the U3A?
A national and international association of people who have retired or are not in full time employment, who believe that keeping a lively mind is essential to mental, physical and social well being. There are almost 300,000 members in the UK, belonging to over 800 branches. Everything thing the U3A does is decided by the members, and it is the members who put these decisions into practice. The Market Drayton branch has been in existence for 15 years and, at present, has approximately 250 members.

The monthly meetings are held in the Festival Drayton Centre. Details of these meetings can be found on the Market Drayton U3A website, on the Library notice board and various notices elsewhere in the town.
Special Interest Groups usually meet in members homes. Again, contact details can be found on the Market Drayton U3A website.(

What about Qualifications?
None are needed and none are given. The main aim of the U3A is to share knowledge with like minded people. “The Teachers learn and the Learners teach”.

What does it cost?
There is an annual subscription, which is usually collected at the Annual General Meeting held in September, again in the Festival Drayton Centre. Currently the fee is a one off payment of £12.00, which entitles members to attend all the monthly meetings for the coming year. Costs incurred by Special Interest Groups are dealt with individually.

How can I join?
Come to the next meeting as a visitor (cost £1.00) to meet members and see for yourself what goes on.

Current Groups

  • British History
  • Life Story Writing
  • Poetry
  • Chess
  • Local History
  • Poetry Writing
  • Country Dancing
  • Looking at Pictures
  • Pub Lunches
  • Cultural Visits
  • Reading
  • Crown Green Bowling
  • Music Appreciation 1
  • Music Appreciation 2
  • Recorders
  • Gardening
  • Natural History
  • Singing for Fun
  • Line Dancing
  • Photography
  • Walking


Phil Glover / Jill Glover
Telephone: 01630 658257
The Festival Drayton Centre reserves the right to make changes, alterations and cancellations to any event, at any time.