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Saturday 9th November

Time: 5pm

TRASH TEST DUMMIES CIRCUS at the Festival Drayton Centre

Put your bins out! Tonight is bin night and the Trash Test Dummies are on duty! These are no ordinary bins, they are chock-a-block full of surprises and the Dummies are in for some serious fun and a wild imaginative adventure. 

The Dummies warm up their formations and kick things off with some bin ballet. Delightful discoveries are aplenty, jokes abound, silliness ensues and things escalate into an acrobatics routine. 


The Dummies get sporty playing all the games they know from cricket to baseball, pretending to be sporting heroes before their antics go a little too far and they end up in a riotous mess! They’ll need some super hero energy to sort it out and channel their best impressions of Batman. The super-sized fun finishes with a dexterous hat routine where the Dummies pass and juggle bowler hats. 


Things take a nasty turn as the sound of wild applause turns to gunshots and the Dummies race to find shelter from the war zone that has sprung up around them. Hiding behind barricades they find a bomb they can’t dispose of which is causing chaos and the three battlers find themselves in jail. 


They can feel sorry for themselves or they can do something about it, and the Dummies make a grand escape, busting out a window and starting an epic chase. Police sirens turn to ambulances when one Dummy takes a fall and things keep sliding downhill. Next thing we know we’re having a Dummy funeral.


All is not lost! Mix ups were had, nobody died, and this is cause to celebrate! 

The Dummies round out their adventures with an epic drumming and juggling routine that raises the roof and bring it all home like heroes with a spoof on Chariots of Fire. Now THAT’s how you take the bins out!



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Friends: 2 Adults & 2 Children £50.00
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Saturday 9th November
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